Report Property Maintenance

Report Property Maintenance

Please click the link below to

Report a Maintenance Issue


Or you can download the 
FREE Tenant Maintenance Reporting App!

The App is designed for Smart phones and tablets (Apple and Android devices).

Download on the App Store     Get it on Google Play

Here's a few of the benefits of using the App;

  • After the first Login you don't need to remember your password
  • You can check the status of any logged maintenance task 24/7 on your Smart Phone, tablet or computer
  • You will save time logging requests and can attach photos to make it easier for us to assess the issue
  • You can type in a quick description or speak it in (if your device has voice recognition)
  • You can add notes anytime to a request simply and easily
  • You can use the App on more than one device

All tenants must create an account using the same email address you provided your property manager. Once your account has been created, simply log in and report maintenance as it occurs.

During business hours, you may also call our office on 08 9473 7777
to report maintenance as well

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